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Ranking the Cowboys



Photo Attribution: KT King

A feature I snagged from Royce over at Daily Thunder (imitation is the sincerest form…and such). Anyway, I thought this would be even more interesting for OSU than it is for the Thunder because of the individual volatility there is from the guys on this team.

Outside of Keiton (and maybe Cobbins?), you rarely know what you’re getting from any of these guys on a given night. If I had to rank them in order of how well they’ve played in the last week or so, this is how I would do it.

1. Mike Cobbins – 18 points and 12 boards in two rough and tumble games last week where his spindly frame was the most sturdy thing the Pokes had rolling. You can feel him getting better with each game.

2. Keiton Page – The 4-17 showing was painful but he was wicked good in Ames with Markel handling the rock. Plus he went 10-11 from the line to bump that 79% FT mark up a little bit.

3. Markel Brown – I feel bad for Markel, and Keiton too for that matter, because half the time I feel like he doesn’t know what he’s supposed to be doing on the court. Now part of that might be a function of him forgetting or not understanding but I think a lot of it is Ford not really knowing what to do with him (hint: it rhymes with “joint yard”). Oh, and his line at ISU (9-6-11-1-1) was all-time.

4. LeBryan Nash – Ah, the paradox. 21 easy ones at Iowa State and then four in only 21 minutes at home against Kansas State. With “motivated LeBryan” OSU can hang with a lot of teams, without him? CBI material. Also, are we worried about this, or no?

5. Brian Williams – He’s struggled of late (only 12 points on 3-13 shooting against ISU and KSU) but he’s one of the few guys on this team I actually trust to run plays and not take shots that would make LaceDarius Dunn cringe.

6. Marek Soucek – He shot 100% from the field last week.

7. Phil Jurick – He hasn’t really changed from what we thought he was at the beginning of the season, but Ford is riding the bigger offensive threat (Cobbins) because OSU needs points like Adidas needs a brand renovation…badly.

8. Cristien Sager – He’s played in two straight games and is already a two-time Club Tril member.

9. Cezar Guerrero – This is how bad he’s been, I’m ranking him below a two-time Club Tril member. Although I will say, if I see anything tonight from him like I saw in the second half against KSU, I’ll have to bump him up a few spots. His 15-footer was splashy and he actually used his speed to his advantage instead of flying around out of control.

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