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Ranking the uniforms OSU hasn’t worn: 12-8

We’re getting closer to the best of the unworn combinations.



A huge thanks to Chris Knox for the incredible photoshop work  on these.

There are 22 uniform combinations OSU hasn’t worn yet that I really want to see. Before we get to today’s set, let’s take a look at the last two posts of unworn unis.

Ranking the unworn unis: 22-18
Ranking the unworn unis: 17-13

Uniform No. 12: White (alt.)-Black-Orange

konCNgN 2

Uniform No. 13’s brother with a better head of hair. Not feeling it near as much as Black-Black-Orange. A little change makes a big difference. This combo looks best with white pants (Baylor 2013).

Uniform No. 11: Carbon fiber-Black-Gray

GNkb75m 2

OSU vs. Kansas State 2011. But they deserve to be worn with the Carbon Fiber helmets — somebody please dust them off.
I’m not a big fan of wearing them vs. K-State because of their silver helmets and pants, unless that was a “who wore it better” challenge.

Uniform No. 10: White (alt.)-Black-Black

QNiq3k7 2

Not quite as clean as what we wore against Baylor last season, but it could be worn as a reminder for the Bears in 2015. Or wear them for a Thursday night game and we will win. (2009 vs. Colorado 31-28, 2010 vs. Texas A&M 38-35, 2011 vs. Arizona 37-14).

Uniform No. 9: White (alt.)-Orange-Orange

oCOWkkU 2

This is for all you orange lovers out there. It’s clean and simple, but it reminds me of the loss to Nebraska in 2010. I wouldn’t recommend it for homecoming.

Uniform No. 8: Orange-Black-Orange

YtipVOh 2

When is our next Halloween night game? Can it not be against a team similar to Texas when they went to the National Championship in 2009? Forget it, bust these out against the Longhorns this season.

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