Report: Man Who Says Joe Mixon Also Hit a Woman In High School Recants

Written by Kyle Porter

It is the story that will not die, and there is a lot going on with this latest twist in the Joe Mixon story. It was recently alleged that Mixon also hit a girl while he was in high school before the one he hit when got to campus in Norman.

Here is the Dallas Morning News reporting on the girl Mixon hit in college with a strange sidebar about the high school incident.

In the video, Molitor’s lawyer reads from a report from a man named Anthony Hernandez, who alleged Mixon punched another girl in high school and got away from it. Mixon has denied punching any other women.

“I know for a fact he threw my daughter to the ground and hit her. I went to the school and…they hid him in the office. He got no punishment. The police even came. I was escorted off the campus as if I did something wrong. These are simply the facts, he’s a woman beater,” the report said.

So that’s quite specific, but Hernandez later recanted and even said Mixon was welcome to visit him and his family in their house! Pro Football Talk had that story today.

“I have recently learned that a comment I made about Joe Mixon on social media a few years ago is now receiving a lot of attention. I want to explain that comment and clarify that I do not believe Joe ever did anything to hurt my daughter,” Hernandez wrote.

“My daughter went to Freedom High School with Joe, and they have been friends for much of their lives. Once, when they were in school together, my daughter had a minor disagreement with some of her classmates that got blown out of proportion. Like any father would, I reacted emotionally.

“Unfortunately, I did so before I had all the facts. Now, having talked to my daughter and investigated the whole story, I realize that I was mistaken about Joe’s involvement. I definitely overreacted, and I regret that my words might have given some people the wrong impression about Joe. I know that Joe did not hurt my daughter, did not intend to, and would not do so.

“Joe and my daughter are still good friends. Joe is a great kid with a bright future in front of him, and he is welcome in my home anytime.”

Walk it back harder, Anthony!

This is pretty interesting. The original allegation was quite specific and the recant felt a little too scripted. That doesn’t mean it’s untrue, it just seems a little … off.

Also, I’m sure a semi-shady high school allegation will keep nearly every NFL team from drafting someone who could help them win a Super Bowl. That seems like a thing that is definitely going to go down.

“I think it’s shameful that irresponsible journalists are not looking at both sides of the story and aren’t asking for comment before they go with innuendo and heresay,” Mixon’s agent Peter Schaffer told CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora.

“They don’t attempt to verify the statement. It’s unprofessional, and there is a 20-year-old young man whose career is at stake right now, and this kid has done nothing but all the right things leading up to the draft and all that we ask is that you treat him fairly and look into the allegations first.

He’s done everything right!

This entire story is tiring, but it’s also news. It has been one of the handful of biggest stories in Oklahoma over the past five years and I suspect will at least tangentially remain that way until Mixon’s football days are over (or maybe beyond). That is the real plight of Mixon’s life. For whatever he ever turns out to be, he will always, in some way, be remembered by many folks as simply the kid who hit a woman (or two).


  • Stepdaddy

    I don’t know about everybody else, but I really feel sorry for Joe Mixon. He is definitely the victim here. That girl clearly threw her face into his hand in order to gain notoriety. That is the real story.

    • T-Bone

      She also used her weight disadvantage to leverage his punch to make it worse than it was.

  • Christian Baker

    Why is this an article on an OSU blog? I’m all for relishing in the stupid things uo people do, but this is like a stalker story. The theme as of late is, negative stories about ou are OSU stories. Continually doing stories like this, further the point that we are little brother.

    • Colin A Bishe

      i second this

    • spokepokes

      Ya I agree

    • Chris Saxon

      KP and his minions continually seek the affirmation of the gooner controlled media. Thus, the always pro ou spin on everything.

    • Mark

      I disagree. I love it! My day would be a lot more boring if not for OU stories to make fun of!

      • Christian Baker

        I agree on things like Mayfield getting tackled like punk by the Ark police, but a pretty lengthy story about a male mixon accuser from his high school recanting is a bit much for me. That said I clicked the link and posted on it. If I have a problem with it I should ignore it, not give it attention.

    • Adam M.

      Clicks, baby! Clicks!

      • Christian Baker


  • T-Bone

    The daughter is good friends with Joe.

    I bet she is now that he is on the big payday train.

    • Tyler

      That’s all I thought honestly.

  • James

    This is a BS post. He isn’t walking it back. The dad says he over reacted when he made the comment several years ago and once he had all the facts he realized he was in error. Hate on OU fine, hate on Mixon, fine. But don’t assume other people are lying to make your point.

  • Frank Eaton

    “… and this kid has done nothing but all the right things leading up to the draft and all that we ask is that you treat him fairly and look into the allegations first.”

    And this is called losing credibility. Done ‘everything’ right? I can think of at least 2 things he didn’t do right. How about realizing this is what comes with the territory. You made a grave mistake, Joe. Keep up this classless whining that it was all her fault, and you’re being unfairly judged, etc… and you’ll never live it down. Stand up. Say you made a huge mistake you’ll never make again. And don’t ever respond or let anyone you know respond to the criticism (that was well earned BTW) and maybe the world forgets about it. Maybe.

    • Big D

      He already spoke and took responsibility. This is other people talking

      • KCOC10

        It’s the person he hired talking. So he’s agreeing with what’s being said otherwise he’d be finding a new agent or reigning him in. Peter has already said lots of wild things over the last several months and Joe has stuck with him. So it’s guilt by association.

        • Big D

          Let it go dude

  • GoPokes

    Come on man. This is an OSU blog. This misty-eyed preoccupation with OU stories/non-stories is really quite embarrassing. No wonder they call us little brother.

    • Evie Taylor

      They can call us anything they want except don’t call us a Sooner fan. Now, that would be insulting. I think everyone knows Joe Mixon is a lowlife. He has made that clear to everyone but the homers don’t care that he is trash. They want to put lipstick on him.

    • Christian Baker

      My thoughts as well. Is this an OSU page or an anti ou page? Every now and then a story about ou stupidity is fine, this shouldn’t even almost make the cut.

  • oSuJones

    It’s pretty laughable the excuses people are making for Mixon. They were talking about it on the radio and trying to make the argument that it happened so long ago and that he’s “changed”, so we should just move on. Not equating these two examples, but try using that argument for a murderer. “Well he killed someone 5 years ago, so let’s move on and let him do what he wants!” The dude straight up jacked a girl in the face…that’s his character right there….nothing else. That’s who he is and he’ll most likely do something like it again. I am in the camp that says he shouldn’t be getting this opportunity.

  • Chris Saxon

    This first thing we hear about this three years after the allegation. Wouldn’t it have been nice if anyone in Oklahoma had written a story about the allegation when it was made three years ago? Nope they bury it and then magically when the NFL digs it up the same guy that wrote a very matter of fact accusation recants right before the draft. Nope, nothing funny here at all.

  • FreeDrop

    “He is welcome in my home anytime … he brings a check.”

  • Bootstrap Bill

    BOR-ING! I’d rather see a repost of drunk Mayfield screaming like a little girl. Can we talk about that more?

  • Jawbreaker


  • Jim Robins

    Sounds like Papa ran into some money.