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Results: More than half of OSU fans root for OU

You guys voted and slightly more than half of you would root for OU under varying circumstances.



I have to say I’m a little surprised by how this ended up. At the time of me writing this (Thursday around lunch) the results for yesterday’s poll question about whether or not you ever root for OU are as follows:

Do you ever root for OU Percentage
Yes 50.3%
No 49.7%

I’m with the (tiny) majority on this one. I don’t ever remember pulling for OU growing up but I’ve found myself doing it of late in various scenarios.

Maybe “pulling” is the wrong word but I do like individual players who have put on the crimson and cream (Bradford, AD, Broyles, etc.) and if they can beat Baylor or Texas and it helps OSU then I’m all for it. But it’s not like I’m throwing on my Billy Sims throwback jersey after OSU games on Saturdays.

As for national games when a Big 12 team is playing an SEC team or Big 10 team, I don’t really get into the conference vs. conference thing. I tangentially pay attention to other conferences but my focus is on the Big 12 and what teams are doing inside of it.

When OU plays Alabama I don’t root for OU because they’re in the Big 12, I just root for them because I like Bob Stoops more than I like Nick Saban.

Here are the best comments from that poll, by the way.

Pokey V: In college: “no way.” As an alum who now lives out of state: “Big 12 against (fill in the blank) conference? Sure.” Though I love my school I’m more open now towards it.

Probably because as you get older I would imagine your world gets bigger with it.

Pistolo: I hate OU with a passion. Hate their fans, Norman, stadium, arena, colors, Bell, Spangler, etc. But anytime a Big 12 team has a chance to beat an SEC team, even if its OU, and ESPN is forced to shut up, even temporarily, its worth it.

However, when I say cheer I mean a quiet, inner schadenfreude voice saying “I hope OU wins.”

Travis Kibler: The word “root” means something different to everyone, and for that reason I voted no, but I wanted OU to beat Alabama.

Nameless: If a meteor were about to destroy Oklahoma State’s campus and the only way for that disaster to be averted were for OU to beat an SEC team coached by zombie Adolf Hitler and quarterbacked by an alternate-dimension-even-douchier Shia LaBeouf, I still wouldn’t cheer for the Sooners because, even in that hypothetical scenario, owing our continued existence to the Sooners would be worse than the Former Confederacy State University Ragin’ Slavebeaters hoisting a championship trophy over the smoldering, savaged ruins of the Orangey, the Orange Peel mascot.

Ain’t nobody topping that last comment.

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