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RESULTS: The majority of OSU fans find players more compelling than coaches

I disagree with the majority here because of longevity and because of age.



On Wednesday I asked you guys if you found college football coaches or players more compelling. I really didn’t know what to expect from the results but here they are:

Coaches or players? Percentage
Coaches 43 percent
Players 57 percent

I think I disagree with the majority on this one although I understand why most folks voted players.

For two years I certainly found Brandon Weeden to be more interesting than Mike Gundy but on the whole I’ve found Mike Gundy to be a more compelling figure, odd as he might be, over the last 10 years than the than I have the aggregate of QB1 or RB1 or WR1.

Part of it is the longevity coaches have over players in college sports — this is especially true in basketball. Plus, I think the older I get the more I relate to a 47-year-old Mike Gundy than a 21-year-old JW Walsh.

Here were the best comments…

BoPlayers are gone as quick as we become familiar with them, coaches build your program. You tell me who’s more intriguing Clint Chelf or Todd Monken; Vernand Morency or Les Miles? Coaches it is.

OSU BillI agree it’s pretty close between players and coaches for the reasons RVAPoke and Bo have said. But it’s because players come and go quickly that their stories are more compelling.

Before the first snap in 2010, Weeden was some third-string QB, baseball washout that had a decent half in the Colorado game, and Blackmon was some kid that had 20 for 260 for 2 TDs. Those players completely changed the complexion of the 2010 season and the whole course of the football program since. Who will be the Weeden or Blackmon in 2014? I don’t know, but I sure want to find out.

Big FudgeOne word: Holgorsen

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