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Schedule predictions: Final three games

OSU hasn’t trailed OU in Norman since before the last Olympics. President Obama was barely into his first term.




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Predictions of the third three games

Gulp. Put on your shoulder pads and crack open the Coronas, this won’t be pretty.

Let’s take a look at the final set of three games this season.


Home on November 15

Texas has that rich man’s 2005 OSU feel to them, don’t they? I can’t help but think OSU is just going to be flat out better than they are. Actually, I can’t help but think a lot of teams in the Big 12 are going to just be flat out better than they are.

But at least you know they’ll keep it on the up and up when their season starts spiraling out of control:

Prediction: OSU by seven (revenge for 2012)
Record: 8-2


Waco on Novemeber 22

I’m worried. I hope this isn’t a night game. We might need a dual wheelchair to get Kevin Peterson and Ashton Lampkin out of the stadium to the bus.

I’m not all in on the Baylor repeat (because I think it’s crazy difficult to repeat) but I think they’re going to be excellent on offense again and OSU is going to be, uh, not excellent on defense. Or not excellent enough.

Plus after Squinky rose from the ashes to take down Bryce Petty last season Baylor fans will be out for whatever the private school equivalent is of being out for blood in this one.

Prediction: Baptists by 14
Record: 8-3


Norman on December 6

OSU hasn’t trailed OU in Norman in regulation since it threatened the all-time punts record for a single game in, get this, 2009! 2009!

It’ll trail OU in Norman in this one.

OU’s another team that I can’t go all in on, by the way. When the hype of your season is predicated on 1. The fact that you played one good game the year before and 2. A lot of pieces falling into place and those pieces do not in any way fall into place in fall camp, what am I supposed to think?

I don’t feel like OU could have had a worse fall camp, actually. That being said: Gundy, OU, Norman, December, et al. Hell.

Prediction: OU by 10
Record: 8-4

8-4, eh? I just talked myself into 8-4. It’s not football season until you can piss off a bunch of people you’ve never met when ranking the Saturday attire of 19-year-olds coerce yourself game-by-game into a record you wouldn’t otherwise be able to talk yourself into.

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