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Scott: Ranking the 5 Best Uniforms of 2017



I consider myself a fairly fashionable person. In my short time at PFB I’ve had to educate a few colleagues on sneaker culture, but generally, I’m of the mindset of like whatever you like.

After reading comments on other top uniform combination articles, I’m sure you fine commenters will have nothing but nice things to say about my opinions, so here we go.

5. Black/White/Black – Pitt
NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at Pittsburgh


Not only was this combo nice on the eye, but apparently it gives players super powers to have a dominant game and ups the probability of players playing professional football in the stadium the uniforms are used in.

I go back and forth on the barbed wire helmet. At first glance it looks good to me, but if I start looking at it too long, I think it’s a little busy. In this case I think it works with the simplicity of the black and white.

4. Black/White/Orange – South Alabama
NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at South Alabama


In theory, I’m not sure if tricolored uniforms should work, but somehow they nearly always seem to. I wish OSU would’ve cracked out a Black/Orange/White look like it did for homecoming in 2016, but these were a nice substitute.

The timing for this daring combo was a little odd, being in a game against South Alabama, but I guess the game had to look pretty somehow. (Tragically, I had no Ramon picture at my disposal for this one.)

3. White/Black/White – Virginia Tech
NCAA Football: Camping World Bowl-Oklahoma State vs Virginia Tech



I was a huge fan of the white Pete helmet with the gorgeous triple stripe last season. It worked with the orange in the Tulsa game, and it worked just as well here. These helmets might be able to carry a gray jersey/gray pants look to success (for the record, I don’t mind the gray as long as it’s paired with a white jersey).

For some reason, the triple black look hasn’t ever really done it for me. I don’t dislike the look, I just like other options more. This look was a nice way to end the year by still seeming school spirited, yet not using too much orange.


2. White/White/White – West Virginia
NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at West Virginia



Again, triple white is what I grew up seeing, but this one is less nostalgia and more ice.

It seems like players move faster in all white. It also makes for a good look in a hard-fought game on a natural field with all the grass stains.

I’m not crazy about this helmet, though. Chrome on helmets hasn’t been as exciting for me since James Castleman left part of his at the Cactus Bowl, but for me, triple whites will always be near the top.


1. White/Orange/White – Baylor


Historically, the classic white helmet, orange jersey and white pants have been my favorite, mostly because of nostalgia.

The Cowboys rocked the color combination in four of their six home games last season, but for the sake of this list not getting clogged with the same threads with a variation on the helmet decal, this is the only one I’ll add to my list. The throwback helmet was beautiful, but it was the stripe on the socks that narrowly put this combination above the Tulsa game’s selection for me.

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