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SMC – Tony Allen Hammer



Thanks to all our readers and Twitter followers, you guys (and gals) truly make this endeavor more than I possibly thought it could be.

In honor of the NBA playoffs kicking off tonight I thought I should include a little bit of our new-fangled cult hero taking the Western Conference by storm, Mr. Trick or Treat himself.

I mean he’s basically turned into a poor man’s version of Ron Artest, right? Great defense, gives-every-fan-a-heart-attack offense, a little John Rocker in him to the point that not much short of him stealing the Spurs’ t-shirt cannon and blasting it in Manu Ginobli’s face would surprise you. And even then you could probably say, “yeah, kinda saw that one coming on some level.”

I love all of it. I’m thrilled he went to O-State. I love that he punched out OJ Mayo over a game of cards and that he’s one of like 2.5 guys in the league who can stick KD. Enjoy the massive dunk on Antawn Jamison.

By the way, if you haven’t ordered your Tony Allen All Grit and Grind t-shirt you can do so here.

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