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Social Media Reaction to OSU’s Tough Loss to Oklahoma

Scroll through highlights of my Bedlam timeline, if you dare.



[Photo by Joshua R. Gateley/OU Athletics]

Oklahoma State started ugly, then things progressively got worse, as OSU fell to OU 41-13 in Norman on Saturday.

As you could imagine, my Cowboy-centric Twitter feed followed suit. Here’s some of the best (and worst) from my timeline on Saturday.

My squinky alarm was blaring when it was announced that OSU’s starting kicker went down in pre-game warmups.

So, like I said, it got ugly fast.

Can confirm.

This was not an interception:

There were some rough patches on the way to a 13-point showing.

Chris Fowler repeatedly called RB3 Dezmon Jackson DeSean Jackson, and no one corrected him. Not Herbie, no one from the truck. Somehow he carried the ball three times and Fowler made the mistake at least six.

Bedlam can’t hurt me.

At least we can enjoy a couple Bedlam trash talk tweets.

OSU punted from the OU 39, down 21, with 12 minutes to go.

Unfortunately, Rhamondre Stevenson took the first handoff 30 yards.

My timeline was getting pretty dark early, but then it switched to dark mode.

? reading OSU commit Collin Oliver’s tweet.

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