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Some Final Thoughts on What to Expect from OSU This Football Season



We’ve given predictions and made our picks, but there are questions that linger. Boone and I take one last stab at what we’re going to see during the 2015 football season.

Player you’re most excited to see

Porter: For me it’s Jordan Burton. Don’t take my word for it though. Here’s Emmanuel Ogbah from last week. “We have Jordan Burton, who can be an All-American.”

He could be Josh Furman on speed. Literally.

Boone: I can’t help but say Chris Carson. Everyone wants to know what he can bring to the table. Now that Kevin Peterson has compared him to Adrian Peterson, I’m dying to see just how accurate that comparison is.

Position you’re most worried about

Porter: It should be defensive tackle, I guess, but running back is still a question mark for me. As many have pointed out, big muscles don’t mean a lot of yards per carry (hi, Jeremy Smith). Chris Carson has a lot to prove and the depth there isn’t as great as I would like it to be.

Boone: For me this is still the offensive line. They obviously looked greatly improved from the regular season in the Cactus Bowl, but the overall body of work has yet to convince me they can string together series to consistently open holes in the running game. Gundy, in marking the progress the O-line has made, didn’t quite convince me not to worry just yet. “I wouldn’t say it was necessarily night-and-day, but it went from night to at least sunrise, he told the Oklahoman.

Game that concerns you

Porter: At Texas is never all that fun to me. They’re easy to make fun of right now, but that game in Austin could be a season changer the same way the 2011 game in College Station was. I don’t know if that’s “concerning” to me (West Virginia also comes to mind) but I think as of right now, that matchup will have the most at stake.

Boone: The Texas game in Austin will be circled on the calendar, and I just don’t think the Longhorns have the firepower to put us in the dust. I have the following week versus Kansas State at home as the most concerning game. The Wildcats will be coming off a bye week and fully rested with two weeks preparation, while the Cowboys could be coming off an emotional game in Austin. You know the Snydercats will be ready.

Game that excites you

Porter: I want to be excited about Baylor at home because, well because this.

But I don’t want to lose to those guys. I think the TCU game at home (which I dearly hope is at night) is going to be just downright fantastic.

Boone: Yeah, I’m going with the TCU game at home as well. I’m banking on this being a similar situation as the 2011 Baylor game. I’m planning to skip a wedding for this game, so I really hope this one turns out to be a good one.

One uniform prediction

Porter: I think we’re going to see some sort of new jersey this season. We’ve sort of run the gamut on new lids, but we haven’t seen a new top in quite a while. My hope is for throwbacks from the 70s or 80s (preferably the black with arm stripes) but I’ll take anything paired with the throwback Cowboy helmet.

Boone: New cleats? New cleats.

Favorite preseason quote

Porter: Mike Yurcich saying “you don’t want to go out there looking like a hobo” was one of the best things I’ve read in years. I’ll give him the nod.

Boone: On recruiting RB Jeff Carr, Mike Gundy said “I was at home and got a call the day before signing day. So I went in on the computer and had my son pull it up because I don’t know how to pull things up on the computer. So he pulled him up and clicked him on and he and I watched him and we definitely agreed that he’s good enough to play at this level.” I laughed out loud when I watched the interview.

Favorite uniform

Porter: I’ve opined too much on uniforms. I mostly asked this one for you, Mr. Boone. You guys know my favorite is Carbon Fiber-White-Orange. What about you?

Boone: Well, I really enjoyed the chrome helmets. If I could pick one this season, it would probably be anything with the icy white helmet. But I’m going with Phantom Pete helmet, Black-Black-Orange. So, so good.



Mason Rudolph’s season in three words

Porter: Forget Brandon Weeden! I’m kidding (I think), but that’s how excited I am about QB1.

Boone: Sophomore Heisman contender. I don’t think he’ll win it, but I think he’ll finish in the top 10 in voting.

Who is the best newcomer?

Porter: This one is tough. I’m going to say Victor Salako. I think he’ll have the biggest impact on what this team is from last year to this one. There are so many to choose from though which is a good thing.

Boone: Going to pick true freshman Jalen McCleskey. He doesn’t have the size to be a physical force, but his sub-4.4 40-yard dash time will be fun. I think he makes a big splash in the return game.

Will the offense or defense be better?

Porter: It’s a valid question (which is great considering I came up with it). I’m going to say the defense, but I bet it’s a lot closer than most folks think.

Boone: The offense already looked much better in the Cactus Bowl, thanks largely to a patchwork offensive line that finally came together. The defense will be notably better this year, particularly when it comes to turnovers forced.

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