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Superlatives From The Baylor Game



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Another week, another rout from the best team in Oklahoma. Here are a few superlatives from Saturday’s shellacking of Baylor and their 146 fans.

Best play: That 40-yard strike Weeden hit Tracy Moore with over the middle in the 2nd quarter.

Play that the NCAA should consider outlawing: The fade from Weeden to Blackmon. You’d need Nnamdi Asomugha to make it borderline fair.

Play that made 50,000 OSU fans say “but it’s football!!”: Alex Elkins’ “hit” on RG3 that got flagged as a “blow to the head.” Bob Wischusen openly wondered if the refs should dust RG3’s helmet for fingerprints.

Coolest moment: Kye Staley getting his first career TD before Tebowing. And Weeden in the background taking it all in.

“Duh!” of the day: Is it good to average 12.1 yards per carry?

Stat ESPN will love: Baylor outgained OSU 622-601

Stat OSU fans will love: The turnover margin per game record since the stat started being kept in 1992 is 2.36 by that filthy ’01 Miami team. OSU is at 2.375 right now.

Craziest stat: Baylor never punted.

Dorky punter stat: Quinn Sharp is now averaging 47.59 yards per punt. The OSU record is 46.2, the Big 12 record is 47.6.

Plays Baylor ran inside OSU’s five: 14

TD’s Baylor had from inside OSU’s five: 1

Best “yeah, I’m an All-American” moment: Blackmon smiling and pointing into the camera after fade #1. Great moment.

Best “yeah, I’m just a regular dude” moment: Blackmon laying his body out to block on Randle’s 62-yard TD.

When it was over: After that first goal line stand. Brandon Weeden will not have you come into his house and get stuffed at the goal line repeatedly. He will bury you.

This record is in jeopardy: Total points in a season. The record is 595, OSU sits at 399 which means they need to average 39.4 a game the rest of the way. Hard to see that not happening.

Your hyperbolic homer-istic Heisman update:

Richardson – Off
Luck – 29-40 for 339-3-1 in the game of the year thus far, a 3OT thriller in the Coliseum. If they win out, the award is his.
Moore – Off
Landry – 35-47 for 505-5-2 against the Big 12’s third best defense.
Griffin – 33-50 for 425-1-2 against OSU in a blowout, how long will the hype continue?
Wilson – 20-32 for 253-3-0 in Bucky’s second straight loss. Sorry Wisconsin, I love you, but you can’t go 9-3 this year and win the Heisman.
Boyd – 23-40 for 295-1-2 in Clemson’s first loss. Get him off this list too.
Weeden – 24-36 for 274-3-0 and he’s thrown 1 pick in conference play.

I mean there’s no way people can keep Weeden out of their top 5 at this point, is there?

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