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Superlatives from the Texas Tech Game



Winners: The offense. They’ve struggled to put together a decent run game all season, but still managed to survive a shootout and hang 70 on the road.

Losers: The health of OSU. Gundy would definitely love to have his squad healthy, but his team, specifically his defense, is pretty banged up. Jimmy Bean, Kevin Peterson, Ashton Lampkin are all banged up, and Seth Jacobs also still has a massive club on his hand.

MVP: James Washington! 4 receptions for a 50-yard average and 2 touchdowns will do the job. This was amazing.

Honorable mention: Ray Tay…. Cowboy fans have had him on their radar, but the announcers from the broadcast were completely stunned at his performance. He finished with 5 carries for 58 yards and 2 touchdowns, and likely one promotion.

The best meme from Saturday: 

Most gutsy play: J-Dub hung in the pocket and probably got blasted after this pass, but he really delivered a pretty good ball for Washington on this play.

Biggest momentum shifting play:  True freshman Jalen McCleskey finally broke one on punt return in pure grace, and finished with a Cam Newton Superman celebration. At this point, it felt like the game was shifting in the Cowboys favor.

Throwback play of the day: Clint Chelf draw?!


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