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Superlatives: Iowa State



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Photo Attribution: US Presswire

Winners: Oklahoma prisoners (do you play football for OSU?), Gundy, visors (lots of TV time), ESPN (you listened to the broadcast), morning games (as a blogger, I love them).

Losers: Austin Hays’ hands, Greeks, Justin Horton’s achilles, the eight Iowa State DBs who dropped pick sixes.

Best play: The INT by Daytawion Lowe, if only because I almost forgot how to spell the word “interception.”

Worst play: Justin Gilbert got burned so hard in the first quarter on a stop-and-go up the OSU sideline. If Iowa State didn’t have QBs that would have competed for time on my intramural team they could have army-crawled into the endzone.

Best player: Walsh, though I’m eternally perplexed by him, did a great job on one of the best defenses in the Big 12. It’s not always pretty but you can’t deny how good he was yesterday.

Worst player: Austin Hays (where is C.J. Curry and all of his stars?)

Uniform Heisman: I have no idea why but I loved Justin Horton’s white shoes. Maybe they were the only thing reminding me that OSU is, in fact, not a prison yard team.

“God, why?!” moment: Honestly, after Iowa State’s first drive I just thought “this revenge thing isn’t going to go as planned, is it?” Also, the fraternities/sororities leaving early was embarrassing (but expected):

Quote: Gundy: “We just beat the #24 team in the country by 21 points so I hope my son liked it.” In response to his son being pissed about OSU only scoring 20 at KU[1. Who wasn’t though, right?].

Photo of the game:


Tweeter of the game: @carsonc5 was spectacular. You should definitely be following him.

Stat of the night : Iowa State has only given up three 300+ yard passing days in the last two seasons, two of those were to OSU and both of them were 400+.

The “clearly doesn’t look at Vegas lines” award:

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