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Hey everybody, I wanted to give you all an update on where we stand with contributors — Pistol Partners (!) as one astute reader suggested — with the season just over a week away.

We’re up to 213 contributors as of the time of this writing. That’s astonishing and overwhelming, and we are really grateful. We are pumping out more (and better) content than ever leading into the 2017 season, and you guys are a big reason for that.

Our goal was to get to 250 by the first kick against Tulsa next Thursday. All kinds of contributors. Orange, Gray, Yearly. Whatever. Doesn’t matter to us. We delight in knowing you guys are behind us, and that we get to write (hopefully) fun, interesting content for you in return.

If you’re considering it, take the plunge! This season is going to be completely insane, and we’re going to be here covering every second of it. Why in the world should you support a site that’s already free? I wrote about that here.

Remember, if you sign up below at the Black, Orange or Yearly level (just click on one of the logos below to sign up), you can view the site ad-free on both your phone and computer.

Contribution Levels


Here is our yearly option for $100 (please note that this also renews annually unless you cancel).

Rewards (for now … with more coming)
  • White/Gray: The joy of supporting a site built by you and for you, the OSU fan.
  • Black/Orange/Annual: Ad-free browsing.

We still plan on adding to these rewards in the near future, but for now ad-free browsing will be given to those who sign up at the Black, Orange or Annual levels. If you already signed up, you just have to make you’re signed in (see FAQs at the bottom).

If you are able to contribute to PFB in any way, we encourage it. This is part of a trend that seems to be catching on at many sites (and this is a great thing!) The difference between PFB and most sites asking for money, though, is that the site will always be free for all. We are just going to continue to reward those of you who are able to contribute with more stuff in the future.

One reader — presumably a Pistol Partner — suggested we put a running total of contributors on the home page so I’ve done so in the very bottom left-hand corner of the site. It won’t be super visible, but it will be a fun little thing to glance at every once in a while.

Thank you, as always, for your support of Pistols Firing.

FAQ here.

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