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TCU nerd box score

OSU is getting inside the red zone quite easily but it can’t seal the deal.



Nerd Box Score

This is painful to look at.

Look at those swing point numbers! OSU has surrendered 62 points in its last two games in failures to score inside its opponents’ 25.

A recap of the six failures from Saturday:

On TCU 6-yard-line: INT
On TCU 11-yard-line: FG
On TCU 19-yard-line: turnover on downs
On TCU 14-yard-line: Missed FG
On TCU 15-yard-line: Missed FG
On TCU 15-yard-line: Fumble

So if we want to look at this positively, OSU is actually getting inside the red zone quite often and at least it’s wasting its chances against teams that can’t really score either (TCU and Kansas State).

This team isn’t that far from putting up 40-50 a game based on its drive performance but they have to finish.

Seriously, 39 swing points!

Also, this is the second week in a row OSU has averaged starting its drives at its own 40 or better. You have to be better than 24 points on offense when your D is giving you chances like that.

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