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Texas is going to need a bigger scoreboard

There might be blood on those burnt orange uniforms on Saturday.



You likely already saw the quote but if you didn’t here it is.

Oh boy.

He added: “We are who we are — we’re still Texas. … Baylor has never changed. They are who they are.”

The funniest part about what was actually said is that it’s actually true but not in the way it was meant. Texas is the same Texas it has been since Colt’s injury in the ’09 title game — not good — and Baylor is the same Baylor it has been in the last four years — legit.

Bryce Petty responded.

“People have questioned Baylor ever since I’ve been here,” Petty said. “I think every game is a statement game. It doesn’t matter.”

It’s not going to be pretty on Saturday. In fact, let’s go to Art Briles right now:

Yep, there will be blood on Saturday in Austin. Maybe the Chuckster needs to build another dumpster fire.

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