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Texas Tech Superlatives



Some superlatives from a solid 76-60 opening night win at the Big 12 tourney for Oklahoma State.


Over… when Markel hammered on a dish from Keiton with 4:30 left to put OSU up 16.

OSU won because… they went on a 13-2 run in the first half and a 15-0 run in the second half. And Tech is horrible.

What… would Billy Gillespie have done with Luke Adams if he’d shown up at Kentucky looking to play college basketball? Now he plays big minutes for BCG at Tech. Not good times for the Red Raiders.

Why… does Keiton insist on yanking pull up threes on fast breaks when we have two of the more athletic dunkers in the Big 12? He’ll hit a few but I feel like it’s mostly just a possession killer.

Where… can you bet on things like “Christien Sager will have more points than Marek Soucek and Mike Cobbins combined”? I wouldn’t put down cash, I just want to see the odds.

Who… knew Cezar had (at least a little bit of) the passing gene? He made some passes tonight that can’t otherwise be explained. More on him in a minute.

How… about that zone D from TFord and Co.? Not that they had a choice really, because you can’t afford to absorb the fouls man-to-man causes, but still, it looked good.

Stat: OSU is now 10-0 in the first round of the Big 12 Tournament.

Hero: Cezar, for the second straight game! Listen to me people, I’ve loathed him and his entitled, immature attitude all year but this was different than the UTSA game. Slater even wrote about it a few days ago. I’m not sure he’s becoming OSU’s starting point guard, but I’m a lot closer to thinking that than I was three weeks ago. Old Cezar would have celebrated himself into a seizure after scoring eight straight in the second half. New Cezar just got back on D.

Goat: Reid Gettys, just because.

Grade: B-

Next: Mizzou in Kansas City on Thursday night.

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