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The Dream Coaching Staff



Remember in 1997 when the Spurs finished with the third worst record in the NBA and somehow struck NBA draft gold by landing Timmmmmay D. with the #1 overall pick?

That’s pretty much exactly how I feel with OSU’s baseball team right now. Except that Josh Holliday is playing the David Robinson role and Rob Walton is a 6’11” black man from the Virgin Islands.

This time last week we were all wondering who the other favorites were in what appeared to be the Walton sweepstakes for OSU’s head coaching position.

Then on Friday Mike Holder calmly handed the keys to OSU’s most historic of the big three collegiate sports to young Josh Holliday. And Holliday turned around and hired Walton to an assistant coaching position.

To put it in terms we can all understand: this would be like if Brooks Thompson and Doug Gottlieb were up for the next iteration of the OSU basketball head coaching position and Gottlieb got it but retained Thompson as his head assistant.

Apparently Walton hadn’t gotten a raise from his $108,000 salary at ORU in the last three years. That’s about to change. Last year associate head coach, Greg Evans, made $135,496. Walton will certainly get more than that.

And given his propensity to trot out top-notch staffs (five of the last six years, ORU has ranked in the top 25 in ERA), he’s going to be more than worth it.

It’s just crazy to me that in seven days OSU went from “has no coach” to “has one of the three best assistants in the country and stole the head man from one of the two best programs in the state.”

I didn’t think I could be any more in than I was after Holliday’s presser last week but then this happened and Walton climbed aboard and…let’s just say the future of baseball in Stillwater hasn’t been this bright in quite a while.

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