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The seven best uniforms OSU hasn’t worn

The final seven — hope you enjoy them.



A huge thanks to Chris Knox for the incredible photoshop work  on these.

There are 22 uniform combinations OSU hasn’t worn yet that I really want to see. Before we get to today’s set, let’s take a look at the last three posts of unworn unis.

Ranking the unworn unis: 22-18
Ranking the unworn unis: 17-13
Ranking the unworn unis: 12-8

Here are the final seven…

Uniform No. 7: Carbon fiber-White-White


Ice. I wish I could’ve seen Zac Robinson wear this at Colorado in 2008. For whatever reason, I could see this being worn at West Virginia in 2015.

Uniform No. 6: White (alternate)-Orange-Black


Black brand with black pants looks solid, so this would look good with or without the helmet stripe.

Another tri-color with major potential. It has a throwback feel to it, but I’m not sure if OSU has ever sported this particular color combo (I’ve only been here since 1988).

Uniform No. 5: Orange-Black-Gray


Change the pants from white to gray and magic happens for this combo. The stripes on the jersey sleeve are complemented by the orange helmet and gray pants. The stripes on the pants work well with the helmet and jersey.

The only thing holding this back from true greatness is the helmet logo and facemask.

Uniform No. 4: Orange-Black-Black


I like the all black in the bowl games, but maybe save those for the National Championship in 2015 and wear this combo in the first round of the playoff (assuming we will be the home team throughout).

Ed. note: We sort of wore these against Texas Tech this year but these combos were created before the season started. I decided to leave it in.

Uniform No. 3: White-White-Orange


How have we not worn this yet? It’s the classic road look for the Pokes. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw this combo against Kansas State this year.

It’s tough to beat the orange pants, orange jersey number, and orange brand logo. Clean for a road game, but not quite as good as what we wore at Iowa State in 2011 (Black-White-Orange).

Uniform No. 2: Black (alternate)-Gray-Black


Even the fans who hate the gray uniforms should like this combo.
Save them for a night game, but give the fans a heads up so we can all wear black. Let the Paddle People bust out the Black Paddles.
Pure intimidation.
*Shivers as the Cowboys run out from the tunnel smoke.

Uniform No. 1: Black-Orange-White


This combo has it all. The pants match the jersey number. The helmet and pants complement the jersey sleeve stripes. The stripes on the pants complement the helmet and jersey. Early ‘80s modernized for home games.

It’s the perfect tri-color combination.

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