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People need to stop with the Broyles/Blackmon comparisons. I saw where Dean Blevins said the WR matchup was a wash. Um, because your all Big XII candidate cancels out our Heisman trophy candidate orrr what?

We really had 109 yards and 6 first downs last year in Norman? How is that even possible? To quote Jenni Carlson, “there’s a better chance aliens will land on the 50-yard line than of us not reaching those stats by halftime.” I remember getting up at halftime last year and wikipedia-ing the NCAA record for punts in a game. I’m not planning on doing that again this year.

Everybody is predicting a 100+ point shootout on Saturday – here’s to hoping it lives up to the billing. Most times games like this end sloppily with scores like 28-25 or 31-29 but for some reason I have a feeling this one is going to be all-time. Maybe something like 49-45 or 42-41.

Text of the day: “Do you think JoePa is going to die or retire first?”

I follow a few other college blogs on Twitter etc. There aren’t very many good ones out there that aren’t associated with a major network (ESPN, CBS etc.) but War Blogle covers Auburn and does a great job…even if some of his tweets are, um, filled with less than nice rhetoric pointed directly at Tuscaloosa.

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