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The First Number Two



As I’m sure all of you have seen by now, Oklahoma State is #2 in the BCS rankings.

Some of you have probably looked at it a lot, as if hitting the refresh button hundreds of times can somehow make up for the last 13 years of BCS futility. Some of you have been ready for these last three games echocardiograms (because that’s what they are) for 50 years. Others of you 10 years. Maybe a few of you only a few years.

Regardless the length of your fandom, Oklahoma State stands at the precipice of the BCS title game, waiting to jump into the immortal abyss of perfection with wins over Texas Tech, Iowa State, and Oklahoma.

We know they cannot be passed. We know they will be tested. And we know it will be fun terrifying.

And since we’re one day into this new “title game driver’s seat” era I thought I’d take a look back at just where OSU has stood in the BCS since it started. They have been ranked Click on the infographic below to enlarge.

[singlepic id=3 w=400 h=200]
A few thoughts after the jump…

OSU wasn’t ranked in the BCS between 2004-2008. Like, not at all.

They’ve been ranked every week since then.

Teams with fewer weeks ranked as a BCS team than OSU: Missouri, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Notre Dame, Michigan State, Maryland, Iowa, Georgia Tech, Clemson, Cal, Boston College, Arkansas, and Auburn. Decent football schools.

They’ve debuted at #14 three times. That seems kind of odd.

They hadn’t been ranked higher than #6 until this season.

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