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The Morning Fade – 1.4.11



Gillespie headed to WVU with crazy Dana – As I tweeted yesterday, by far the worst thing about this is that Herschel Sims was (is?) his recruit. If I was Gundy I’d be in a car to Abilene this morning shaking hands and kissing babies and whatever else he needs to do.

Football season recap by Haisten in the Tulsa World – I pretty much agree with everything in here though I would argue the “low point” was probably when I saw Blackmon’s mug shot run across my screen with the words “OSU star arrested in Texas.”

A cool breakdown of the state’s 3 big programs – Quick, before you read, can you guess how many times OSU has finished in the AP Top 25 under Gundy? If you said once with one more pending you would be correct. I would have bet my life on a number higher than that I think.

OSU with only 1 player in the Senior Bowl – I’m fairly surprised Orie isn’t making this trip but I hope Kendall is lights out, he deserves it after how much he’s given us for the last 4 years.

Jim Harbaugh drama late last night – If you went to bed after Andrew Luck’s 3rd TD (and who could blame you?) you missed two epic Q/A sessions with Stanford’s coach. At least he didn’t go all Roy Williams on us.

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