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The Morning Fade – 12.17.10



Arizona OL compliments OSUs…defense? – “On the Alamo Bowl: ‘One game left. It’s a big game. We’ve always been on the cusp of being a great team. Oklahoma State’s a great team. They’re 10-2, they have a great defense – those guys on the edge are good – so we’re going to have to come play our ‘A’ game. That’s the most fun as an O-lineman, and as a player, that you can have: You’re going against a great opponent. I think they feel the same about us. It’s great, man. It’s the competition. It gets us going.'” Wait…our defense gets you going? Does that mean we would average 85/game in the Pac-10?

Holgorsen on going to WVU – “‘They’ve always played an exciting brand of football both offensively and defensively,”’ Holgorsen said. ‘They get into Florida and recruit a whole bunch of athletes, they have a tradition of being able to recruit well. Getting hired and being able to do things how I want to do it hopefully we can take it a step further.'” How excited is he about recruiting dudes from South Florida to run his screen-fest of an offense instead of Enid and Ada?

Ubben ranks the Big XII bowls – “3. Valero Alamo Bowl, Dec. 29: Oklahoma State vs. Arizona. The Cowboys secondary will get a tough test from the Wildcats’ Nick Foles-led spread attack. And Oklahoma State fans will get another chance to yell at a Stoops.”

Jimmie Trammel on Moses’ true love – “‘I love music,’ he said. ‘But when I’m listening to music, I’m thinking about playing basketball or something basketball-related.’ Moreso than ever, Moses and basketball are making beautiful music together – and that’s not necessarily a reference to the makeshift studio at his residence, where he and teammates congregate to record songs. Moses has persuaded most of the Cowboys (exceptions: Ray Penn, Jean-Paul Olukemi, Nick Sidorakis, Keiton Page) to lay down tracks.” Wow. Where do we even go from here?

Fred Gulley out for the year – Probably an underrated-ly (is that a word) big blow to the hoops team.

Andy Staples on Mark Cuban’s playoff plan – Please read this. I love that the guys at Sports Illustrated are pushing so adamantly for a playoff. I wonder if ESPN employees wish they hadn’t obtained BCS rights so they could write columns that write themselves like this one…

KD named Oklahoman of the year – I don’t normally throw pro stuff in here but since it’s the Thunder and since he might be one of the 25 best players to every play basketball, I thought I’d indulge you.

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