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The Morning Fade – 12.6.10



Going for W #11 – “The Pokes have already been a trailblazing group. They are the first team in school history to win 10 regular season games and first team to earn a share of the Big 12 South title while winning nine games for the third-straight season. OSU also broke long road losing streaks at Texas Tech and Texas.

Moses with a career high in 2OT W against La Salle – Moses is always good for a classic quote, “It was just by the grace of God and just in the flow of the game. I really didn’t think I had that many points.” The old grace of God/flow of the game combo…tough to beat.

OSU Arizona “preview” on ESPN – I guess it’s not really as much of a preview as it is a “hey, never seen [other team] play? here’s what you need to know!”

Kevin Sherrington with a decent article on the Big XII – ” In this league, you have to take care of your own. Besides Texas and its happy feet, you’ve got OU and Texas A&M with standing invitations to the SEC. If one goes, it all goes.” OU and A&M have standing invites to the SEC? Really? Do they?

Temple and UConn both 8-4 – UConn in a BCS, Temple not in a bowl. And Temple beat UConn. The BCS! Where irrationality happens!

TCU blows up its stadium – I’m stealing this joke (and I’m paraphrasing), but somebody said “I think the Mountain West was upset TCU is leaving for the Big East and just decided to destroy their stadium…”

I’ll be back with more thoughts on the bowl games later today…

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