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The Morning Fade – 3.2.11



What They’re Saying
1. Gottlieb gets pulled over on his way to the game last night – This is hilarious, If you do one thing on the site today, listen to this. He gets pulled over while doing an interview on the radio and the entire thing is captured on air. His responses are absolutely classic. (Sports Radio 810)

2. Wade Hilligoss with his 10 best Big 12 QBs in 2011. RGIII ahead of Brandon Weeden? Sorry, I can’t rank an erratic, dual-threat QB who’s never won a meaningful game over the reigning All-Big 12 1st team QB. Cowboys enjoyed their wild ride. I’d have to think even the most optimistic of Oklahoma State fans would have a hard time honestly believing the Cowboys could win 11 games at the beginning of the season.” I’ve got a pair of PFB contributors that swore me up and down we’d win 10 games. (Holy Turf)

3. Rivals ranks Joe Wickline as a 2nd team All-American coach – “One of the game’s most respected line coaches, Wickline, 52, has helped develop a dynamic ground game in Stillwater. He also has groomed some impressive blockers over the years, including Russell Okung, Charlie Johnson, Max Starks, Everett Lindsay and Kelvin Garmon, among others.” (Rivals)

4. OSU is back to defend its Big 12 wrestling title this weekend in Ames. (

5. John Helsley with some solid reporting on OSU keeping Lace from his beloved record – “Along with the chatter of what to do if Dunn got the record, in the Cowboys’ locker room there was also some pregame emphasis on not letting it happen.” (News OK)

6. Cowboys baseball team falls 3-2 to Missouri State. Maybe we should not schedule midweek games anymore? Just play on the weekends? (

7. Ubben on whether OSU can repeat 2010 or not – “Dana Holgorsen was the big story in Oklahoma State’s spring camp last year, and he showed why during the season, turning the Cowboys into the Big 12’s best offensive team. He’s gone, and Todd Monken is taking over. Can the excellence continue? Bringing back all five offensive linemen will make it a lot easier. Skill positions look a lot better when quarterbacks have time and running backs have holes. Justin Blackmon and Brandon Weeden are back, but can their talents be showcased as two of the Big 12’s best in 2011. They better be. If not, the Cowboys can rule out a Big 12 title.” (ESPN)

Quote to Note
Keiton Page on his lengthy three-pointers last night,

I needed those

Yes you did, Keiton.

Video(s) You Should Watch
More trick shot videos! The long snapper one is my favorite so far.

You Don’t Want to Miss
Don’t read this story about high school wrestling by John Hoover if you don’t feel like crying. Darnell Mayberry with a great column on the Presti Plan, this guy should be running the state of Oklahoma. Lastly, here’s a chilling report by Sports Illustrated on the prevalence of crime in college athletics. Matt Hinton already posted a thoughtful, if not expedited, rebuttal.

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