The Morning Fade – 4.28.11

Written by Kyle Porter

Video of a day in the life of Peter Uihlein that I couldn’t embed on PFB. (Golf Week)

Oh yeah, OSU won its 5th straight Big 12 golf championship. (

OSU finished 39th in average hoops attendance for the last year, just ahead of annual powerhouses Wichita State and South Carolina. (Big 12 Sports)

What I want to hear: Joseph Randle is going to have a massive Sophomore season. (News OK)

What I don’t want to hear: OSU should be excited about playing a Friday night game. (News OK)

You want to talk about the inmates running the asylum. (Dr. Saturday)

Interesting site I just discovered that keeps track of what I tried to prove going into the Masters: that OSU is currently the most successful and influential alumni base on the PGA Tour. (Rivals Cup)

Cool looking NFL draft preview from Anthony Slater here. (O’Collly)

I don’t usually include softball in the Fade but any Bedlam win is Fade-worthy in my book… (

I hate that he redeemed himself after calling KD (and the rest of the Thunder) soft but Mark Kiszla killed it with this column on how important the Thunder are to Oklahoma. (Denver Post)

Tweet of the week.

Where do I get one of those orange pullovers?

Because I haven’t come down off my KD high yet…

  • Ryan

    Always love to read the blog, keep up that good work.

    I’m a Poke that currently lives in Wichita and let me tell you, Wichita State has our atmosphere beat 10 to 1 in hoops over the last few years. That attendance figure would be even higher had they had a bigger arena, they averaged a sellout.

    I sure wish GIA would go back to the way it was while I attended OSU…

    P.S. Thunderup, Durant is a beast!

  • OSUpdt24

    I’ve been living in Tulsa since January after I graduated and I went down to the city for the thunder game… Damn it was a ridiculous game to go to. I was up in loud city and We were all going nuts after all of KD’s big plays. Especially the spot up three, the and-1 and the jumper over Nene to put the ball game away. Awesome game.

    • Kyle Porter

      I’m SO jealous you were there.

  • Pokey V.

    How about Uihlein’s box jump?? And do you think you could hide in one of those lockers at Karsten to run around there after hours? I might try it…