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The Morning Fade – 4.6.11



OSU picked up a legitimate 300-lb. recruit over the weekend. (Scout)

Fascinating historical study done by ESPN to rank all the college hoops programs using a pair of seemingly complex algorithms. I could study this stuff all day. Oklahoma State is higher than OU, Syracuse, Mizzou, Wisconsin, and Villanova. (ESPN)

Great feature on Weeden by Bill Haisten in today’s Tulsa World (hope you have enough pageviews left for the month with them). Best quote is from Michael Harrison, “To me, he’s the same guy. The same old man. The same Weeden. (Tulsa World)

I think there could have been a category 5 hurricane on Wednesday night and they’d have this thing ready to roll by Thursday at 7 AM. (Devil Ball)

Good report by Anthony Slater from Norman on the non-conference Bedlam baseball loss OSU suffered on Tuesday night. Includes this epic Frank Anderson quote regarding OSU’s poor defense, “They only hit four or five balls on the screws, the rest of them, we looked like a dog chasing a car tire down the street block out there.” (O’Colly)

Ubben with a semi-serious look at what would happen if the Big 12 played out a 2011 single-elimination tournament. (ESPN)

As Ryan Cameron pointed out yesterday, Peter Uihlein has the coolest bag in Georgia. (Twitter)

I’m not a big fan of posting these updates, but for those wondering, Darrell Williams will now be tried in May on four accounts of rape instead of three. Once you get past one does it really matter how many there are? (News OK)

Jenni Carlson on how Peter Uihlein’s mom will be feeling on Thursday morning. The last line sums everything, the entire week, up so well. (News OK)

Another dagger of a final sentence in this lengthy profile of Uihlein by Matthew Futterman. (Wall Street Journal)

Another former pro baseball player looks to be a difference-maker on this year’s football team. Great quote from Gundy, “I’ve always had reservations about pro baseball players coming back and competing, from a toughness standpoint. He’s certainly solidified himself in that role.” I love Gundy taking veiled shots at Weeden all the time. (News OK)

Great report by the Augusta Chronicle here about a man who once had lunch with Cliff Roberts, President Eisenhower, and Robert Tyre Jones. (Augusta Chronicle)

Oh, and for those of you who aren’t on Twitter, PFB had a nice little post for the Yahoo golf blog yesterday. (Devil Ball)

Rickie Fowler kicks off the promotion for this year’s NCAA Championships at Karsten Creek.

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