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There’s One Reason Joe Mixon Is Still At OU, And It’s Not A Good One



Florida State quarterback De’Andre Johnson was kicked off Florida State’s football team on Monday after footage of him hitting a woman in a bar was released.

Johnson was suspended at the end of June after being charged with misdemeanor battery. FSU waited until the footage was released to give the angry social media mobs their Barabbas because, well, its all about public perception, isn’t it?

Did Florida State think video of Johnson hitting the woman was going to look any different than him, you know, hitting a woman?

Domestic violence in college athletics will, at least for the next few years, always stir up the names Joe Mixon and Tyreek Hill. In the state of Oklahoma, anyway.

Hill was dropped after a circus of events last December. Mixon, of course, was not. In fact, Mixon sounds like he’s getting excited for the upcoming college football season.

The most preposterous thing about the Joe Mixon case remains the simple fact that if the tape of Joe Mixon hitting that woman last summer had been released to the public, his fate would have been the same of Johnson’s. It wasn’t, though, so he’s still manning the backfield in Norman.

Think about the absurdity of that. If the tape gets released, Mixon is gone. No reasonable person thinks otherwise.

The logic behind that is that it leads me to believe that it doesn’t matter what actually happened, it only matters if the public gets to see it. It only matters if there’s video of it. You guys followed the Ray Rice case, yes?  Here’s how Naomi Wolf put that in Time:

The fact that the graphic video has finally shocked everyone enough for a meaningful penalty to come down on the assailant rather horribly confirms women’s worst fears. The abuse that comes our way most often—almost a third of women have reported physical violence at some time in their lives from an intimate partner; one in five college women has been a victim of rape—is nearly invisible, easy to trivialize, and all too often impossible to get justice for. Unless an audience happens to witness it live.

FSU claims Monday was the first time it had seen the Johnson tape, but nobody thinks Johnson would be off the team if FSU had been the only entity to see it (much like OU and, strangely, a few media members in Oklahoma were with Mixon).

I like Bob Stoops. I think OU has a really good football program and school — contrary to my snide Twitter jokes and jabs on this blog. But they botched the Joe Mixon case pretty badly by not taking a stand against what he did.

Good on Mike Gundy for not making the same mistake.

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