Thoughts on Bieber and Bedlam

The other day Jake Trotter reported that “neither the Big 12 nor the two Bedlam schools have an announcement, but all signs point to Bedlam moving to December, along with probably at least one other conference game.” (News OK)

This would be terrific for two reasons. First, you get OSU and OU on the same weekend as all the title games which creates unbelievable exposure. “What’s on this weekend, honey?” “Oh, just SC Oregon for the Pac-12 title, Bama Georgia for the SEC title, Ohio St. Illinois for the Big 10 title, and OSU OU (hopefully for the Big 12 title more times than not).” That’s awesome.

Second, you get more of a guarantee for a full house. Do I openly loathe students who refuse to shirk their families during Thanksgiving to travel back to Stillwater for the OU game? Yes, I do, in fact I was pretty disappointed at the full-day turnout for Bedlam this year. The crowd was great but the day-long atmosphere left a lot to be desired. The fact of the matter is that, for most people, Thanksgiving trumps Bedlam (irrational, I know). Bump it back a week, turn the temperature down about ten degrees, and you erase that problem. You also pretty much guarantee yourself never getting College Gameday again but, according to my count, OSU is winless when the ESPN crew is in town anyway (including hoops in 2005) so really, who cares? I’m in.

I have to admit I’ve had a love/hate relationship with this Bieber Gundy ringtone wars thing all week. On one hand, as Nolo texted me ┬áthe other day, “this is awesome, SC can have Snoop, OU can have Toby Keith, I’ll take Biebs!” On the other hand, if I read one more article/tweet/text about Gundy being a man or being 40 I’m going to find Prentiss Elliot and have him sell me a gun. I don’t know what I’m going to do with it thereafter but I’m sure going to buy it!

Here’s how OSU needs to capitalize. Book Biebs for Orange Peel this year (I’m sure somebody has had this idea already) and have Gundy go on stage and do his weird dance that sends Orie Lemon into fits of laughter. This would dually break YouTube and also bring some closure to all of this. Plus somebody could give him a tour of campus and see if he wants to apply to go to school here. Or he could, like Gundy suggested, sink some cash into a suite or two and kick it with Boone all season. He’s probably closer to Boone’s tax bracket than anyone else associated with Oklahoma State anyway.

Back with a Texas preview later today.

  • I’m praying Bedlam is moved. I’ve never been to a Bedlam football game. We’re always 6 hours away. And I’m watching the game via the ESPN ticker (unless, like this year, it’s actually on TV in Arkansas). And I’m angry. December Bedlam = problem solved.

    I love the Gundy/Bieber thing. If only because of the exposure. I think we have to capitalize on it. Whether it be Bieber doing OP, a song at half time of a game, something on video that’s played at the game. Something. It has to happen. And like I told an OU friend the other day. Snoop > Bieber > Toby Keith.

  • I completely agree with you about Game Day — Lee Corso = Kiss of Death. I am all for a December Bedlam match up for the same reasons you suggested.

    Also, your Prentiss Elliott comment was pretty much the highlight of my afternoon. So thanks.

  • chi-townpoke

    I’m torn about moving Bedlam. I’ve rearranged my Thanksgiving plans twice now so that I can be in Oklahoma the years we play in Stillwater cause otherwise I have to be at the in-laws in Ohio . At least I know that every other year I will have a chance to go to the game since I will be home in Oklahoma and not 1000 miles away in Chicago where I live or at my in-laws. On the plus side, if the Bedlam game is switched to December, I won’t have to leave Saturday dinner at the in-laws to watch the game, thus irritating said inlaws. Those Ohio State fans just don’t get that there are other teams that people like to watch outside of the state of Ohio or why I woman can love college football so much. Bedlam in November or December is really a toss up for me. Is it September yet??

  • OSUpdt24

    Loved. This. Post.
    I am indifferent to moving bedlam, because I can go to the games either day. But I do agree that Lee Corso and Gameday in town has never gone well for us.

    As for the Beiber thing, I thought it was hilarious would love for some national exposure even if it is at the hands of Beiber Fever.

    +1 For the Prentiss Elliot Joke. Had me rolling at work.

  • Nolo

    I’m resisting the urge to post every comment as Dana Holgerson hopped up on a 36 hour Red Bull binge.

    I still think the bigger question is “What are they going to do about the Big 12/10 dilemma?” I’m still convinced the Big 10 can’t have 12 teams and vice versa. What do you think Pistols Guy? You can put it in your mail bag if you want I don’t really care what you do.

    • pistolsguy

      Added. And what would be different about DH on a 36-hour binge than what he’s like normally?

  • Pistols sister

    Biebs rockin out at ok state would get so much exposure. Every girl under the age of 16 would want to go to OSU if Bieber had ties. If he put on a concert in BPS you better believe I would be there, and probably act 5 years younger and enjoy every minute of it…loves him.