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Three Cowboys on All-Big 12 team

Calvin Barnett, Josh Stewart, and…..



The preseason media All-Big 12 teams are out and OSU is not very well represented for a team that’s maybe, probably going to be favored to win the league.

Lache Seastrunk is the OPOY and Devonte Fields is the DPOY.

The rest of the teams (and my comments) are below:

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 10.45.11 AM

First things first — when’s the last time a quarterback wasn’t the preseason OPOY? Probably has to be Adrian Peterson, yes?

Also, when’s the last time an OSU offensive lineman wasn’t on this list?

I don’t have any big issues, I guess. Pachall at QB is…whatever…who else are you going to put there? Chelf (who a lot of people probably don’t totally know for sure will be the starter)? No. Ash? Haha. Blake BeLOL?

It’s also pretty interesting that the two best offenses in the league (probably by far this year) in OSU and Baylor only have three combined players on the first team.

Finally, is this a safe place to admit how much I love that there’s only one team. There’s no second team, no honorable mention, no women’s basketball thing where they put more players on there than actually play on the field at one time. Just one team, if you don’t make it, you don’t make it. I wish the postseason team was like that too.

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 10.45.18 AM

I’m chuckling, no really, that OSU has twice as many defensive players on the All-Big 12 team as offensive players.

Both are deserving though — if Justin Gilbert would have been anything besides an absolute sieve last year he would be on it as well.

I can’t believe Shaun Lewis is a senior. I mean, I believe it because I know he’s been on the team for three years but it seems like he just recently got to Stillwater — like we were just recently talking about how grand his career was going to be.

Here are the final counts by team:

Kansas State — 5
Texas — 4
TCU — 4
Texas Tech — 4
Baylor — 3
OSU — 3
OU — 2
Iowa State — 1
Kansas — 0
West Virginia — 0

And just for fun, your last five preseason OPOYs with winner in parentheses

2012 — Geno Smith (Klein)
2011 — Justin Blackmon (Griffin)
2010 — Jerrod Johnson (Blackmon)[1. I guess I answered my own question.]
2009 — Sammy Bradford (Colt)
2008 — Chase Daniel (Bradford)

Your thoughts on the teams?

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