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Top 10 Football Plays of 2012



The top 10 plays from Oklahoma State’s 2012 football season.

10. Lunt2Hays&Moore – Just because I wanted to watch #11s arm one more time.

9. Walsh burns Texas – Taking down the Texas assistant was the best part.

8. Walsh and Stewart hook up – Not a great play, but cool because it was their first. You always remember you first. Plus, that was the hardest Stewart got tackled all year.

7. Zack Craig two punt blocks and a TD – The special teams performance of the year.

6. Daytawion Lowe pick six – An interception!

5. Gilbert kick return – Also known as “the only good thing Gilbert did all year.

4. Randle Shimmy – Let’s all pour one out for the last great Randle Shimmy

3. Randle Truck – The best part being Kye Staley

2. Isaiah Anderson’s bowl catch – So. Much. Blackmon.

1. Josh Stewart one-handed catch – Wow.


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