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Trae Young’s Father Insists Oklahoma State Still in Hunt For His Son



Oklahoma State is at full capacity from a scholarships standpoint for next season. And that was before taking in St. John’s transfer Yankuba Sima over the weekend. That prompted me to write that as it stands on the surface, Oklahoma State appears to be out of the Trae Young sweepstakes.

With a tweet asking, “Is Oklahoma State out of the Trae Young sweepstakes?”, Young’s father responded with this:

As of right now, Oklahoma State will be at max capacity next season with scholarships. Oklahoma State will be at 14 scholarships next season counting Sima — and that’s operating under the assumption that Jawun Evans leaves. That’s still one over the limit of the NCAA mandated 13. Should they take Trae Young, they would be at 15.

1. Brandon Averette
2. Thomas Dziagwa
3. Tavarius Shine
4. Cam McGriff
5. Lucas N’Guessan
6. Lindy Waters III
7. Davon Dillard
8. Mitch Solomon
9. Jeff Carroll
10. Zack Dawson
11. Latravian Glover
12. Amauri Hardy
13. Souleymane Diakite
14. Yankuba Sima

It’s not out of the question. In fact, if Young were to land on OSU, the coaching staff would make room for him regardless. He’s the type of talent that could help turn a program around.

But should it happen, there will need to be two spots opened up. Which means that it’s reasonable to almost certainly expect one or perhaps two transfers this offseason given the current scholarship situation.

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