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Travis Wittlake Interview Reveals Weight Plans for Next Season

Joe Smith and Travis Wittlake will go 165/174.



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Blue chip recruit and soon-to-be redshirt freshman Travis Wittlake conducted an interview with True Wrestling last week.

In the interview they discuss a number of things. His transition to college wrestling, his first year at OSU, his thoughts on his coaches, and much more.

One of the more intriguing thing for Oklahoma State is his weight plans for his first official season in an OSU singlet.

When asked what he currently weighs, Wittlake answered: “Probably in the next month I’ll hit 190.”

When asked what weight he’ll wrestle at next season:

“65-74, we don’t know yet….It depends on where all the pieces fit… It will be between me and Joe. If Joe ends up at 65 I’ll probably go 74, if Joe ends up at 74 I’ll probably go 65.

He was then asked about the cut to 165 and notes that he did make 74 KG (163 lbs) at both the US Open and Junior World Team Trials. He admits that it was a big cut for him and did impact his performance.

“If I had to do it again I’d probably go 79 KG,” said Wittlake. “The reason we did it was because it was a good gauge for next season to see how I’d wrestle at that weight…coaches wanted to know…I didn’t necessarily wrestle bad, but I didn’t necessarily wrestle good.”

It doesn’t quite reveal the definitive lineup plan. And though this was somewhat expected it looks fairly certain that it will be some combination Travis and Joe at 165 and 174 next year.

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