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Two GIFs and a photo to sum up the weekend

Some great stuff here from Emmanuel Ogbah, JW Walsh, and Tyreek Hill.



If you didn’t watch the game on Saturday, here are three bits of media that actually sum it up quite nicely.

Emmanuel Ogbah being a monster:

I could watch this for days. Ogbah set up camp in the FSU backfield all evening without Jameis’ consent.[1. ………. :)]

JW Walsh getting upended:

This is where the dream died. My buddy Quade texted me as Walsh was running in the score to make it 37-31 and said he thought we would have tied it up on this drive (31 all).

I agree — you could feel the momentum shifting in the building, Walsh was running all over the place, FSU was getting antsy, it was happening. Alas.

The Freek:

No commentary needed. He’s just a boss.

Tyreek photo via Chris Ross

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