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Uniform Review: Return of Carbon Fiber Helmet Made OSU’s Orange Shine

OSU is undefeated halfway through the season.



Oklahoma State resurrected the carbon fiber helmets for the game against West Virginia on Saturday night, and they were just as good as ever. It was only the third time that OSU wore the helmets (the first time since 2012) and the Pokes now hold a 2-1 record in them by a margin of six points. Let’s talk about what made this particular combo amazing.

The helmet looked like a different carbon fiber helmet in the lighting, which is cool because it looks like we have variations of the same helmet depending on the setting. I liked it against West Virginia more than in the past because the helmet looked darker and provided more contrast for the white logo. The matching Big 12 logo and number decals looked great with it. The PITT decal pops on this helmet as well.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 9.12.34 AM

The white facemask on this helmet really makes sense with the white logo and white jersey. Of course, we have only seen the carbon fiber for away games. We know how good this helmet would look with a black facemask and the black stripe from the white alternate helmets.[1. See here.]Perhaps we’ll see the alternate carbon fiber at home this season (although I would like to see it with the black OSU logo).

When OSU wears the carbon fiber helmets, the white and orange seem more vibrant than usual. That alone is enough for me to like this tri-color combo more than any other. You want to see America’s Brightest Orange? Pair it up with a white jersey and the carbon fiber helmet. If you don’t like tri-color combos, look at pictures from the 2012 Kansas game where OSU wore gray pants, or try to imagine the combo with white pants. Now be glad we wore it with orange pants because it looks best that way.

Let’s talk about the gray/silver for Oklahoma State. There are a couple of arguments that I’ll briefly discuss as to why gray works for the Cowboys. I’ll start with this: it is an official school color. Oklahoma State and its fans need to embrace gray when we wear it because it really isn’t that often (and we look good in it). Gray is technically a neutral color – right there between black and white, which is what the majority of teams have in their repertoire.

The white socks with the orange accent were a great touch for this combo. It seemed to tie everything together. The only thing I wish I had seen was someone with gray half-sleeves like former annual Uni Heisman candidate Justin Gilbert.


The Pokes wrapped up the first half of the season undefeated, and this is shaping up to be the best uniform season ever. What more could you ask for?

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