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Uniforms: Cowboys Going All Black against Kansas State

OSU is 10-4 in all black.




STILLWATER — The Cowboys aren’t overthinking the blackout uniform combination — it’s black-black-black.

Oklahoma State will wear a black helmet with the Cursive Cowboys sticker on it to go with a black jersey and black pants. For those keeping track, I am running a victory lap after our predictions post (perhaps the easiest thing to predict this season).


This is the 14th time since 2011 the Cowboys have donned the all-black look. OSU is 10-4 in that stretch starting with the 2011 Fiesta Bowl win against Stanford and most recently beating Iowa State in all black last season. The Cowboys’ most recent loss in the combination came in 2020 when OSU fell to Texas.

Oklahoma State and Kansas State kick off at 6:30 p.m. on ESPN.

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