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Watch: Mike Gundy and Mason Rudolph Go Shirtless for Homecoming and Hoops



For Friday night’s Homecoming and Hoops, Mike Gundy kicked things off with tomorrow’s captains: Mason Rudolph, Zachary Crabtree, Justin Phillips, Cole Walterscheid and Darrion Daniels.

Gundy thanked the crowd, paid compliments to the Greek houses and called for some help from those inside the stadium tomorrow on third downs.

Oh yeah, and then he challenged Mason Rudolph to take off his shirt. He said Mason was scared, and Mason clearly proved that he wasn’t. An all-time moment on one of the great weekends of the year.

“He won’t do it,” said Gundy. “He’s scared! Honestly, I didn’t think he would do it.”

Here is the full video of the night’s festivities. Gundy is an absolute legend.

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