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Weekend Bullets: Wild week comes to a good end

A roundup of all the stories and video from action against Lamar on Saturday.



This is true, though I’m still not sure how much is a function of OSU being good and how much is a function of everybody else (besides Baylor, OU, and maybe TCU and Tech) not being good at all. (NewsOK)

10 thoughts on Lamar. (PFB)

Good stuff from Whetsell: short and succinct, just like the game. (CRFF)

It shows that no matter what, Stillwater’s got your back. (NewsOK)

Brendon Morris gives Calvin Barnett a uniform Heisman. (Rivals)

Box score infographic. Love Michael Lane making these. (PFB)

I don’t think A&M should fall below Oklahoma State. Maybe they will though. (CBS Sports)

Headline does not compute. (Scout)

Good pics from the OSU-Lamar game. (NewsOK)

OSU is 15-15 with 15 TDs in the red zone this season. Last year OSU was 67-72 with 48 TDs. (NewsOK)

Dumpster fire! Dumpster fire![1. I picked THESE GUYS to win the Big 12?] (CBS Sports)

We were overmatched tonight. No kidding. (NewsOK)

Jimie Tramel grades the storylines. (Tulsa World)

Agree with this that Texas Tech is comin’. (Fox SW)

That was the fifth-biggest win in school history. (Scout)

All the post-game quotes. (okstate)

Pretty good idea for a shirt. (NewsOK)

Strong. I suggested Dominance, Illustrated

If I ever met Calvin Barnett in this tunnel with these lights going and him in that facemask, I would die of fear.

In case you haven’t seen it…

This is so difficult in pads.

Full highlights…

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