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Weekend Bullets: Josh Stewart talks title game

OSU’s receivers are unbelievably deep, Walsh and Chelf help each other off the field (!), big roundup on the scandal.



Welcome to a special weekend edition of the Bullets where I roundup game reaction stories, quotes, and tweets from Saturdays.


Wow, there’s a lot going on in this article. First, I had nightmare flashbacks to Troy with that lede, Jenni! Also, Yurcich doesn’t sound like he’s particularly impressed by Walsh (it sure looked like it paid off). Lastly, I don’t need Josh Stewart talking about the national title game. (NewsOK)

JW Walsh had the 4th best game of the week. (ESPN)

No. 20, No. 23, No. 26, and No. 48. (NewsOK)

I think the receivers were the thing I was most excited about yesterday. (NewsOK)

Bill C. had UTSA covering (smart man). (Football Study Hall)

I can’t get over this Jhajuan Seales catch. (PFB)

Pretty interesting notes here about how Gundy and Spencer felt about the 4th quarter defensive performance. (NewsOK)

I like this: Jimmie Tramel grades the storylines. (Tulsa World)

This is a good thing for Walsh. (NewsOK)

Box score infographic. (PFB)

Agreed here. It was UTSA — let’s not lose our minds. (CRFF)

Walsh: When you run that up-tempo stuff and the defense is having trouble keeping up, a lot of things are going to work for you. I think that answers (a lot of people’s) questions. (NewsOK)

10 thoughts. (PFB)

We help each other out on and off the field. (ESPN)

Coach Coker knows talent. (NewsOK)

Same ol’ Texas run D — I’m such a moron for always picking them! (CBS Sports)

Haha, this description of OSU was great. (CBS Sports)

This is probably not a headline OU fans were expecting. (NewsOK)

Wow. (CBS Sports)

They are all all all all in down in College Station. (CBS Sports)

NFL starts today: Dez is comfortable heading into the season. (Fox SW)


This is very well done. The most detailed stuff anybody has on it so far. (NewsOK)

TW did a great job, too. Asked Gundy about it after the UTSA game. (Tulsa World)

This is not a great job, however. John Klein says OSU has to do the right thing even though nobody actually knows what OSU is being accused of. Also, why are we ignoring the fact that SI explicitly said it has no issues with any current players or coaches? Is the NCAA going to retroactively nail the University? Seems a little far-fetched.. (Tulsa World)

Two straight Saturdays on Deadspin! (Deadspin)

The second paragraph here does not bode well if you were banking on that four-year statute of limitations to bail OSU out. (ESPN)

Les: We have always done things right. (Nola)

Oliver Luck responded about DeForest as well. (WV Gazette)

I talked to an Orange Pride girl on Friday about the scandal. Here’s what she told me. (PFB)

I usually try to sort through all the #okstate tweets and post some of the better ones on here but yesterday was such a cesspool after Deadspin posted the scandal stuff that I just went with people I follow…

Thought this was an all-timer.

True story!



Gundy’s postgame presser.

Thanks for the 24 seconds of highlights, FOX!

This was to get within 28!

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