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Weekend Bullets: OSU’s team speed wears teams down

Why Tre Flowers changed numbers, Paul Rhoads is not happy, and the fleeting fame of QB1.





Even on days the Cowboys don’t play particularly well, even when the crowd stays home, even on dull mornings when the energy inside Boone Pickens Stadium couldn’t power a string of string of bulbs at Eskimo Joe’s, OSU possesses one quality that can win games all by itself. (Tulsa World)

A quarterback’s fame is fleeting. Maybe so is a defense’s. And a team’s national championship hopes. (NewsOK)

10 Thoughts on OSU and Iowa State. (PFB)

Cool story on Elliott Jeffcoat and his improbably onside kick recovery. (NewsOK)

Was any bourbon consumed in Oxford last night or no? (CBS Sports)

The Cowboys were lucky their game management didn’t cost them a touchdown and just maybe a win. (NewsOK)

You know what kind of sucks? I think all OU probably has to do is beat Baylor and they’ll still win the Big 12 and get in the Playoff. (Fox SW)

The problem with the entire season being like this is that the Iowa States, Texas Techs, and Kansas’ are about to be behind you. (NewsOK)

Paul Rhoads: “Apologies are no good. Apologies don’t bring back the outcome of what just took place.” You’d think we just got away with a in-plain-sight murder of his QB! (Big 12 Sports)

Gundy told Tre Flowers to wear No. 31 because it makes him look bigger. (NewsOK)

Here’s the Iowa State AD going nuts. (PFB)

I love the post-game locker room celebration. This one is pretty good. (CBS Sports)

The Tyreek Hill kick return was incredible. (PFB)

Gundy on the Desmond TD: “I chewed on the (referee) that was on the side over there. He said he couldn’t see. I said, ‘That’s what I said: You can’t see.’ They all pile up there, and those guys are hesitant to run up there and make a call.” (O’Colly)

The best photos from Saturday. (Flickr)

Holy cow, the NCAA passing record fell last night too? (Yahoo)

Leftover notes and tidbits on the game. (PFB)

The AP poll has been around since 1936 and five of the top eight teams had never – never – lost in the same week. (Big 12 Sports)

Again, get better signals. (CBS Sports)

Michael Lane’s terrific infographic on the game. (PFB)

Iowa State and weird games are just a thing for OSU. (CRFF)

Well this isn’t ideal for recruiting… (247)

Kevin Peterson on Josh Furman: “When we have different packages, he can just stay on the field and cover a receiver just like he’s got to cover a running back. He’s really dynamic. It’s like having Tyreek (Hill) on offense.” (O’Colly)

USC, not interested in defense. (Yahoo)

Highlights from yesterday.


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