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Weekend Bullets: So much blame to go around

Strange Walsh quote, Big 12 remains a mess (with OU and Baylor as the faves), Bret Bielema took a tumble, and the best of Twitter from Saturday.



Hey, the sun came up today! Well actually I think it did…it’s really cloudy where I am and I can’t really see it but I’m judging by how light it is behind the clouds that it did, in fact, come up. That seems like the safe bet here.


Yurcich thought the third down call at the goal line was worse than the second down call? Really? (NewsOK)

Ubben thinks 7-2 will win the Big 12. (Fox SW)


Yeah, it’s Baylor and OU right now. (ESPN)

“It seemed like if it wasn’t me, it was gonna be somebody else,” said quarterback J.W. Walsh, who tossed two interceptions, “and if wasn’t somebody else, it was somebody else.” Excuse me? (NewsOK)

OSU projected to be No. 20. Doesn’t deserve to be top 25 IMO. (CBS Sports)

Walsh describes one of the picks he threw — pretty much exactly how it looked. (NewsOK)

Did WVU play a perfect game? I actually thought they were pretty putrid offensively. (Rivals)

It’s not good when you’re not sure who your QB was targeting on interceptions. (Scout)

So…we haven’t talked about this but it would be bad if Stewart and Seales are out. (NewsOK)

I agree, WVU’s defense is solid. (B/R)

Reading between the lines here, but it sounds like Smith just wants to lose his mind. (NewsOK)

I like this quarter by quarter breakdown. (Tulsa World)

Haha, what a lede. (CRFF)

Injuries can occur if you don’t keep your fingers spread. (New York Times)

Oh it did more than enough. You give up 23 points in 19 possessions and you did WAY more than enough. (NewsOK)

Still love the FB-only celebration. (PFB)

Joe Randle is playing today, apparently. (Fox SW)

I suppose this maybe actually happened. (Smoking Musket)

Some great photos from the game. Kye looks like he’s just a total badass. Burns, too. (Flickr)

Lester! Gosh, that was a great game. (Big Lead)

So dirty. (Deadspin)

Yesterday was such a great day of college football…other than what happened in Morgantown. (Big Lead)

Good work, if you can get it. (Tulsa World)

Poke is always more unhinged than I am and he has some good points here. (Pokelahoma)

The best of Twitter from Saturday. (PFB)


I seriously cannot stop watching this!

Highlights, if you can stomach them.

I wasn’t able to watch all of this but I’m sure it’s spectacular (no Gundy presser online yet)..

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