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Weekend Bullets: ‘We need to get better’

Yurcich and Gundy with some interesting comments. Walsh doesn’t seem to understand how bad they were on offense.



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

Welcome back to the Weekend Bullets — where nothing is as bad as it seems…well…except for OSU’s offense, it might really be that bad. Go easy on us, Baylor.

Gundy on the offense: “I don’t have a clue. I wish I could give you a good answer so it would sound good on the news tonight.” I raised my eyebrows at more than a few of the quotes in here. (NewsOK)

My 10 thoughts on the game yesterday. I honestly keep forgetting we won. (PFB)

Shaun Lewis really was huge on Saturday. (NewsOK)

Mike Yurcich: “We need to get better.” (Tulsa World)

It’s starting to be difficult for me to take these guys seriously. (NewsOK)

Great point here on how bad OSU was with a short field off turnovers. (B/R)

I had actually forgotten about the Lewis shoestring tackle. It was massive, though. (Rivals)

Good on them for moving OSU down in the poll. (CBS Sports)

“We need to become a better team from the 7-yard-line in.” (Fox SW)

All the photos from Saturday. (NewsOK)

Good point here: three veterans who made picks in the second half. (Scout)

The ESPN announcers reported that Seales and Stewart both had concussions last week — or maybe they were just throwing stuff out there which…seems like that’s something you’d check on, yes? (NewsOK)

Gundy on who to blame: “Sometimes it’s quarterbacks, sometimes it’s receivers, sometimes it’s blocking schemes, sometimes it’s play calling.” (O’Colly)

Ubben on JW Walsh’s struggles. (Fox SW)

Gundy on the history of OSU’s defense and how yesterday was different. (NewsOK)

They’ll beat OSU by 55 if OSU plays like it did the last two weeks. (ESPN)

Gundy from Friday on when he would use Chelf. (Fox SW)

Snyder with some interesting comments on how OSU’s offense doesn’t always go fast. Also, Gundy thinks the Internet still has chat rooms. (NewsOK)

Yes, he is. (Big Lead)

Has to be related to Les Miles. (Big Lead)

Some…um…Dabo hate here. (Deadspin)

This was insane.

Walsh after the game…I…um…I don’t know if he knows how bad the offense was..

Highlights from yesterday.

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