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We’re Hiring: Apply for a Position as the 2018-19 PFB Beat Writer in Stillwater



Oh hey, didn’t see you there. After a run of two pretty terrific beat writers in Hayden Barber and Luke Garza, both of whom have moved on to new cities and newspaper jobs, we have a beat writer position to fill here at PFB.

For the last three semesters, we have employed an all-around beat writer to get his or her arms around what’s going on in Stillwater, USA. It’s been both a great benefit to our site and (I hope!) a nice bullet point on the resume of a current college student looking to break into the future sports media world.

The position is paid, although not to the degree that we would like for it to be. The experience is solid, though, as our writers have gone on to outlets like, the Wichita Eagle and the Globe Gazette.

Unofficial job description

Writer and reporter in Stillwater, OK (preferably a current student) who will be expected to attend most football and basketball practices as well as a variety of games with the purpose of covering each in-season sport as thoroughly as possible. Will be asked to video and upload interviews, write profiles of players and prospects and generally offer a boots-on-the-ground angle that is crucial to making PFB run. Mullet optional.

Endorsements from previous beat writers

Hayden Barber: There are few positions more immersive in Oklahoma State sports than becoming a beat writer for PFB. This job is not for fans wanting to get closer to the athletes and coaches. It is for those serious about journalism, who want to take that next step. I learned far more working with PFB in 12 months than I did in four years of classes at OSU. So if you want a professional experience at a university you are passionate about, consider this position.

Luke Garza: Working for PFB was an awesome experience. You’ll have the creative freedom to write basically whatever you want, and you’ll be able to take chances with your writing and hone your voice. PFB gave me a lot of flexibility and allowed me to cover a multitude of OSU sports, which isn’t something most media-related employers in Stillwater offer. You’ll also make great connections and be part of an organization that has grown vastly during the past few years.

Apply for the 2018-19 PFB beat writer position

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