West Virginia baseball team helps Moore

Written by Kyle Porter

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After a pretty rough day in real life, the Internet is having a pretty amazing night.

This is the West Virginia baseball team which is in town for the Big 12 baseball tournament in OKC. After dodging the storm all day they actually tried to go to Moore to help where they could but were turned away…

(I’m getting chills typing this post btw)

So instead they headed off to Wal-Mart to fill up shopping carts of supplies to deliver tomorrow.

Which is just…my gosh. [hits publish, goes to weep in a corner somewhere]

  • Matt

    Bravo WVU. Very Classy.

  • Troy

    Actually shed a tear here. Wish I could be in Okc to give these guys a standing o.

  • Joe

    What an awesome thing to do! America! That’s all you can say!

  • Ben

    Thank you WVU! You guys are awesome. Can’t wait to thank you at the ballpark.

  • Major class. Thank you WVU!

  • Amber Snake

    I told my husband we could never move from OK because nobody has hearts as big as us Okies. I stand corrected!

  • Seth

    Very proud of my Mountaineers tonight.Thoughts and Prayers go out to all of you in Oklahoma.

  • Matt

    Well done gentlemen!! Your welcome back always.

  • N. Dale Talkington

    What a very Class Act this team has proved to us Okies. THANKS Guys!!!

  • Aaron Snith

    Class and compassion are not restricted to Cowboys. May God Bless you mountaineers for your compassion and the leadership and your following God’s stricture that as you have done to the least of these so have you done unto me.

    Again God Bless your and your coach.

  • Bill

    Cannot say enough about your class and compassion!! Thanks WVU
    You are always welcome to Oklahoma.

  • True act of exhibiting God’s love – very proud of these young men and their coaches. Thank you gentlemen!! I love OSU but WVU is now second in my heart!

  • Megan G.

    Thank you, WVU!! Such wonderful generosity.

  • TishomingoSith

    Thank you WVU…. from a fellow Big XII family member (Oklahoma State fan). God Bless you guys helping our state.

  • KS1010

    This is awesome! I was just telling a guy from work about this, and he told me that during Pearl Harbor the Yale football team (possibly Harvard, his memory wasn’t quite sure) was there during the attack and the team went to the beach and manned machine guns and actually helped shoot down planes. Just awesome.

  • Daren Nelson

    If there was any question about whether WVU belonged in the Big XII, I think they answered that with their thoughtful and selfless act… If they weren’t playing OSU, I’d want them to win the tournament, and will root for them when they don’t.

  • TeeDub

    Glad to see and hear that the spirit that makes WV a great state is spilling over our borders and into OK! Another instance of paying forward and selfless giving! Thanks for representing us in the Mountain State so well! We’re proud of you!

  • okproud

    Some things in life are bigger than sports. Sooner fan all my life and will die sooner dead, but times like this we are all Okies. Thank you WVU for what you did. This is a proud state and we are proud that you have the same mindset as we do. We will be Mountaineers, Sooners, and Cowboys some other day. Today we will stand together as people that see a need and react. Not for any other reason other than it is who we are and what we do. Welcome to Oklahoma, your family now.

  • marland thurman

    You are Courageous! THANK YOU! Make me proud to be and American.
    President Obama should be making examples of you all as TRUE Americans!

  • This makes me so proud to be a native of WV. Way to go WVU. While my sports allegiance may be with OU my heart is with WV and the fine folks that helped to provide any comfort they can to our fellow Americans in Oklahoma during their time of need.