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What Next For OSU Baseball?



ORU Coach - Rob Walton

OSU fired its second winningest coach (wins, not percentage) in school history on Tuesday so the obvious question is: do you think Davidell Collins will start at DT this year?!

No, the real question is: where does OSU go from here in looking for a head coach?

I mentioned yesterday that I thought Frank did a pretty bang-up job considering the following:

  • He’s been promised new facilities and a new field for the last five years and never got either. And he’s been working with some of the worst facilities in the Big 12 since he took over. His crappy facilities : All-Conference players ratio is off the charts.
  • He was without a full set of scholarships for four years.
  • The Andy Oliver fiasco was about as big a distraction as a college coach could deal with.

So we’ve established that Mike Holder does, in fact, know OSU has a baseball team, who will he hire next. In what direction is this thing headed? I asked Anthony Slater, Matt Amilian, and Carson Cunningham this question yesterday. Here’s what they had to say…


Rob Walton. It’s an obvious name that seems almost like a cop-out for me to say, but that’s the direction I think they go. Good fit for both parties.

And Walton’s recent comments to the Tulsa World, despite being days away from a regional, saying, ‘You never know what could happen,’ seems like a guy that knows exactly what’s going to happen.



OSU needs a proven college head coach. And before you get excited about Rocky & Gary Ward returning, stop. Not happening. Let’s call it “chemistry” issues with the A.D. Kyle & Amilian have a better shot at the job.

Rob Walton is the best & obvious choice. Plus, from all accounts he wants the job.


I typically attempt to think outside the box and not give the popular answer, but Rob Walton is the obvious choice, and a favorable one. We can’t be interested in an assistant coach. If we want to be the OSU of the 80s, we can’t be a program where someone begins their head coaching career.

As five-time conference coach of the year at ORU (out of nine seasons), Walton has proved he can run a program. Nobody will criticize Holder for rolling with Walton if it doesn’t work out. Roll the dice with another assistant and fail…you might begin to look incompetent as an athletic director.

Pistols Boy

As much as I hate to agree with you idiots, OSU needs somebody who played in the program. Head coaching alumni ties is a matter I’ve been thinking a lot about lately and while I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary, I think it helps…especially in non-revenue sports.

Can he bring all that pitching with him too?

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