What OSU players will get for playing in Cotton Bowl

Written by Kyle Porter

I don’t think the players get all of these gifts, just a choice between some of them.

I want the popcorn popper.

Also, #AmateurAthletics !!

Via Blake Huddleston

  • Jwild

    *insert* “These athletes [who go to school for free!] should get paid!”
    Haha awesome for them. Thats really cool

  • Chris P.

    Why don’t they make bowl games prize fights for players? Clearly the NCAA looks the other way with these bowl gifts. So why not just give them a cut of the money they give to schools? The winning players get more.

    Also that bicycle is going to be way too small for anyone over 5′ 9″.

  • Scott in Texas

    I predict somebody is going to get in trouble down the road for selling some of that crap..I mean swag. Ipod Nano?
    All these Bowls should just give these guys a $1000 gift card and be done with the trinket thing.

  • James Sinton

    They only can choose $550 worth of stuff.


    • tre

      They actually do get money for playing in the bowl.