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Where Will Weeden Go



Ah yes, the portion of the blog posting season when we riff, project, and try to predict the things for which we have absolutely no ideas (because if Harry and Lloyd can’t figure it out…how are we supposed to?) Let’s countdown Brandon Weeden’s most likely NFL destinations in reverse order.

Where Will Weeden Go


27. Raiders – They would be about 22 spots higher if they had a first or second round pick. Their current QB situation? Carson Palmer’s legacy, Terrelle Pryor, and Rhett Bomar. They could use the help.

26. Panthers – Since they’re not replacing Superman (and how worn out is that nickname right now?) with old man Weeds, let’s take a minute and talk about how bizarre it is that Carolina’s three QB’s wear #1, #2, and #3 in the order of their depth chart Cam-Anderson-Clausen (presumably, the latter two haven’t played since 2010). The only thing I could think of that would top this is if a starting five in basketball wore numbers 1-5.

25. Steelers – I almost had them higher citing something like “you never know, Big Ben is getting up there in age” before I realized him and Weeden were born a year apart. Even if they wanted Weeden in the second round with the 56th pick, he wouldn’t be there.

24. Broncos – It won’t happen, but he’d be a Lloyds of London-level insurance policy here.

23. Jets – As if this position on this team could be any more of a circus than it already is. He’d immediately be the best thrower of anybody on the team, and maybe in all of NYC.

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