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Why Did Mason Rudolph Come to Stillwater?



Mason Rudolph talked (ok, was prompted by questions from the athletic department) about why he chose OSU coming out of high school in South Carolina.

“I knew a lot about Oklahoma State because of big names like Brandon Weeden and Blackmon,” said Rudolph. “The big things they did in college. And people like Coach Gundy once I actually started communication with the coaches and knew about the school … the uniforms. It was just kind of a collective deal where I felt like it was right.”

The uniforms!

“A little bit,” Rudolph responded when asked if he felt like he’d matured. “I feel like I’ve matured for sure in a year of being here. Just all the new choices that come with college. And having to be on your own and be independent. I feel like I’ve matured a lot.”

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