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Wrestling Recruiting: Cam Amine Lists OSU in Top 5, Announces Visit Date.



The Cowboys are definitely aiming for some potential 157 pounders. They at least have a shot and are in the top 5 on Brevin Balmeceda, Jace Luchau, and announced about a week ago Cam Amine.

I’d been a little hesitant to even write anything on this because I think the kid’s a lock to go to Michigan, but he is planning a visit to Stillwater on the weekend of September 7th.

He’s a stud, there’s no doubt he’s talented and plenty of reasons the Cowboys are after him. Flo has him projected at 165 in college and ranked as the #2 prospect there.

Here’s the story on him though. His family has very deep ties to the University of Michigan. They basically all wrestled there, so for him to not go to Michigan would be like Mark Perry, older brother of Chris Perry and nephew of John Smith, to not go to Oklahoma State — oh wait that actually happened?!?!

So theoretically OSU has got a shot here, and again with the knowledge that Mark Perry went to Iowa, and some guys simply choose other schools for other reasons, I don’t think you rule anything out. But you really have to think Michigan is the program he’s most likely to end up at.

Personally if I were to rank the likelihood of who we land with these three I would go in this order.

  1. Jace Luchau
  2. Brevin Balmeceda
  3. Cam Amine

Ultimately who knows who the Cowboys will land here? But I would project Luchau as the most likely one the Cowboys pick up.

Whoever they do land with this group I’m hopeful they stay down at 157. On the surface it looks like they’re in on plenty of guys to fill out 165 and up. They will need a 157 eventually though, so it’s key to get one of this bunch.


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