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Year in review: January 2013

Gray pants, OU fans, and a recruit it would have been nice to have.



A look back at the five top stories from each month (as decided by which posts you visited most).

I thought it might be fun to take a gander at which posts did best on a month-by-month basis over the past year. It’s a good snapshot of the year and a nice jog of the memory for the last 12 months which feels, in some ways, like it lasted 12 years. Not surprisingly we’re kicking it off with a uniform post.

Most-viewed January 2013 posts

1. Gray pants — I’m convinced at this point that I could say “this link has a virus that will destroy your hard drive and spontaneously combust rendering your left arm incapacitated for the next three weeks but if you click on it you get to see a new OSU football uniform for 10 seconds” and there are people who would click on it.

2. Why we’re no better than OU fans — This one definitely got some folks riled up. I wrote on the lack of attendance at GIA to see the best dunker (and maybe best player) in the country and why we’re probably a football school now.

3. Did Bill Young get fired? — This was on the rumor (and it turned out to be more than a rumor) that Bill Young was fired. I wrote shortly thereafter that OSU fans should be careful what they wish for re: a defensive coordinator [heaps large amounts of salt and pepper on fried crow].

4. Why you shouldn’t care about recruiting — I picked some recruiting profiles of past OSU football players and presented them as “Player A, Player B, etc.” Pretty fun and interesting to look back on.

5. Laquon Treadwell’s decision — I talked to “Person Who Knows Things” (I don’t even remember who it was) about what Laquon Treadwell was like on his visit to Stillwater. He picked Ole Miss which is fine and looks like he’s going to be Dez 2.0. Would have been nice to have him, Ateman, and Seales lining up next to each other for the next three years. Of course JW is still throwing to them so….

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